HYDRANGEA arborescens

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'


'Annabelle' bloom head
Annabelle is the best known variety of Hydrangea arborescens. Until recently, this is the only arborescens variety easy to find in garden centers or even recognized by the public. Now scientists have developed some new, exciting varieties I will have on my site very soon.

Annabelle is a stunning white hydrangea, often producing heads over 10" in diameter. Unlike the better known blue and pink hydrangeas (macrophyllas), Annabelle blooms every year even after severe pruning or intensely cold winters. The huge, white "drumstick" blooms appear in profusion without fail.

Some people plant 'Annabelle' as a hedge since it can be cut back severely in the winter for a tidy effect. The picture below was taken at the home of Penny McHenry in Atlanta. Penny is the founder of the American Hydrangea Society.

Hedge of Annabelle at Penny McHenry's in Atlanta
'Annabelle' makes a spectacular show in colder regions as well as very warm ones. I've had reports that it is hardy even into Zones 2 and 3 in the United States (authorities say to Zone 3). Forms of H. arborescens are actually native to eastern parts of the United States. If your climate is too harsh to grow macrophyllas, 'Annabelle' would make a wonderful alternative.

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