'Limelight's enormous bloom_South Carolina 'A stand of Limelight in South Carolina
'Limelight'- another luscious bloom
Limelight: A Real Sweetheart

This is a beautiful hydrangea. One can see it in the landscape almost everywhere these days.

Its two most impressive characteristic are the strong upright stems and full, sensuous blooms.

The name would lead you to believe that the most striking feature is the color of this paniculata. But I didn't find the color to be much different from other full blooming paniculatas. Maybe it was a shade greener when it first opened, but the impression is one of creamy elegance. Apparently the green shade is more prominent in cooler climates. The above pictures were taken in South Carolina

The 'Limelight' hydrangea below belongs to Candi in Spokane, WA. She says "My Limelight plant was purchased three years ago in preparation for my wedding in a one gallon container. It was approximately 2'x3' at the time." Now Cindi's 'Limelight' is about 5' X 5' and still growing. Spokane's climate is hot and dry with very cold winters (zone 5). Obviously, this is a vigorous plant.

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