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Annabelle and Pitcher plants When looking for plant material of any type, it is always safest and much less expensive, to purchase plants at local nurseries. In addition, your nursery personnel usually know which plants will be most likely to succeed in your area.

However, we often hear about plants that are unavailable close to home, and we WANT them despite the risks of shipping and the uncertainties! In this case we turn to mail order sources.

I do not sell hydrangeas, but I have purchased from a number of nurseries. Below are a few sources for hydrangeas that come highly recommended. As I become aware of other resources, I will post them on this page.


Hydrangea Mail Order Nurseries

SUGGESTION: Order from a nursery as close to your location as possible.


I didn't know until recently that this well respected mail-order nursery carried hydrangeas. But they do.

Bluestone Perennials website
7211 Middle Ridge Rd.
Madison,OH 44057


This is a VERY good source for hydrangeas, especially for those living in the western half of the U.S.

These people love hydrangeas, and their plants are of the highest quality.

They also produce a beautiful color catalog showing many of the hydrangea varieties.


Mal Condon of Hydrangea Farm Nursey and Frank Dutra of Nantucket Hydrangea have combined forces to offer a large selection of beautiful hydrangeas. Mal and Frank are couple of self-proclaimed "Hydrangea Nuts. "If you are looking for a particular hydrangea, email Frank at frank@nantuckethydrangea.com


I don't know much about this nursery, but I am including it here because it is one of the few nurseries on the upper east coast. Also, some of the varieties of hydrangeas they carry are often difficult to find. They take orders from their website, their catalog or at the retail store. They are located at:

Rare Find Nursery
957 Patterson Road
Jackson, NJ 08527

Wendy R., a visitor to this site, who lives near the nursery, reports that Rare Find Nursery is "enormous, probably a few acres...The staff is courteous and quite knowledgeable as well!" She also adds "their plants are healthy and of very good size." It's possible that one will pay a little more than average for the plants due to their larger size and very healthy specimens.


This is a well known and respected mail order company based in South Carolina. In my opinion, their plants are a little pricey. However, they occasionally carry a plant before other nurseries get it and may be the only source for certain hydrangeas.

While you're at it, ask for a catalog. They have a wonderful colored garden catalog.


This is an excellent source for hydrangeas, especially for those living in the eastern half of the U.S. The owners are very knowledgeable about hydrangeas.

The pictures are beautiful on their website.

Take special note: They ship ONLY from September 1st through May 31st - no exceptions. Also, they do not ship outside the 48 contiguous states or to the following states: AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, UT or WA.

For those wishing to visit the nursery (and it is a delightful experience), there is a map and directions on their website.

Wilkerson Mill Gardens of Georgia


(770) 463-2400 phone
(770) 463-9717 fax

NOTE: WENDY of Birmingham, AL, is a collector of hydrangeas, with over 350 shrubs and 100 different cultivars. She recommends the two nurseries listed below - (1) JoyCreek and (2) ForestFarm. For those in the western half of the United States, these would be excellent choices.


Joy Creek is recommended by Wendy of Birmingham, AL (see above). It has also been recommended by others over the years.

One visitor to my site said that Joy Creek was extemely helpful in working with him when he had to change his order -- 3 times! I'm sure Joy Creek doesn't recommend doing this, but they sound like a nice bunch of people.


This nursery is recommended by Wendy of Birmingham, AL. (see above). They have a very large selection of hydrangeas.

I have also heard from other gardeners that Forest Farm is, "hands down," the best at packing/shipping and has reasonable shipping costs. This nursery has had an excellent reputation for many years.